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The Anatomy of A Tee – The Simply Awesome Triblend Tee

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Ahhh… the beautiful, luxurious, tri-blend tee. It’s definitely a favorite of the staff here at The Crackerjack Shack.

What exactly are tri-blend shirts?

Tri-blends, like the Next Level 6010, for instance, are a blend of cotton, polyester and, to give them that soft fluid drape, they add in rayon, which is often referred to as viscose. Or, if you believe everything you see... "Le La crema de la Unicornio". (Just watch the video, you'll see what I mean).  

And, while all tri-blends have these same three fibers in them, how they divvy up depends on what the shirt is designed to do, be it for leisure or performance.

Tri-blends truly have the best of all worlds.In addition to being one of the most comfortable tees ever, they can breathe like cotton, have the wrinkle resistance and moisture wicking qualities of polyester, and the flattering drape of a rayon. But, don't take my word for it...  

So satisfy your desire for printed "soft" wear, by stopping by The Crackerjack Shack for a "test feel" of some of our favorites like the Bella + Canvas, Next Level and Anvil tees.

Have a blessed day!

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