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Family Tree Initiative

ourmission-front-4pt75x4pt75.jpgA Word From Sandy, Our CEO

In January of 2019 my daughter, Julia, and I had the opportunity to visit the Global Orphan Project sewing facility in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where Allmade and GOEX brand apparel is manufactured.  The trip changed our lives, but more importantly, it changed the focus and direction of The Crackerjack Shack.

During the trip, Ryan Moor, CEO of Allmade, spoke about how they started the company by seeking out 12 like-minded business owners just like Jesus did when he recruited the disciples in the Bible.

I was inspired by this story, and thought, "I can do that, too!  After all these years in business, I know my clients well, and I know there will be people who will want to be involved in helping kids and families, and who value dignified work!

Turns out - I was right!  Below are some of our founding members of our Family Tree Initiative - some of the finest people with some very BIG HEARTS!

So what does it mean to be a member of our Family Tree Initiative?  I simply means this.

When you buy apparel, Allmade & GOEX are the first brands you consider, and if at all possible, it's the brand you buy.  Yes, these shirts cost on average about 3 bucks more than shirts made in the "cheap t-shirt countries" where workers are not treated well, but those 3 dollars literally change lives!  We LOVE it when people really GET THAT!

If you'd like to be part of our initiative, let us know!  You can contact us using this short form.

If you'd like to know more about Allmade, check out their blog!


Founding Family Tree Members


Lee Dishman - Head Softball Coach, Republic High School - Republic, MO


Kathy Hoback - Brenstville District High School - Manassas, Virginia


Shannon Phelps - Salem Intermediate School - Salem, MO


Kid Point - North Point Church - Springfield, MO


Glenda Dunn - Kelly Bishop Construction - Republic, MO


Josh Veach - Go Shout Love - Springfield, MO


Scott Weis - Republic Special Olympics - Republic, MO


Amy Eldridge - Joplin Regional Stockyards - Joplin, MO


Sam & Bobbie Hawk - Hawk Fertilizer & Hawk Farms - Bolivar, MO


Greene County Sheriff's Office - Springfield, MO