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The How Of What We Do


Finding an apparel decorator with a talented art staff is very important.  In fact, it is so important, we make sure we have multiple artists on staff at all times.  We have won local, national, and international competitions with both our screen printing and embroidery artwork, so there is no need to fret about creating your own designs.  It's safe to say that you can count on The Crackerjack Shack to deliver quality each and every time!  We take your idea, and create artwork that is unique to your project, and in most cases, at no additional cost to you!  Unlike most apparel decorators, we do not use clipart and then call it a design.  We have artists on staff who can hand draw, artists who are experts with technical coloration, artists who excel with composition, and artists who can advise on what will and will not work for the screen printing or embroidery mediums.  In short, we have the most experienced staff, which makes us the experts in the Springfield, Missouri area!




Screen printing is definitely not an exact science!  It is an art form that dates back to the Ancient Egyptians.  The process hasn't changed that much, but the materials and techniques have been perfected over many, many years.  Coordination between the screen printing department and the art department is crucial to creating a great print.  It does no good to have great artwork and then pair that with the wrong screen mesh, the wrong ink viscosity, or the wrong printing sequence.  The end result will be sub-par at best.  We spare no expense on the materials and supplies that go into creating outstanding prints, and we also spend time educating our staff and our customers on what it takes to end up with truly professional screen printing.

Here are a few examples of some of our past designs.  Feel free to contact us to talk about the art for your next project.




Digitizing is a specialized skill very few people have mastered.  There are companies out there who say they can digitize, or who outsource to cheap, off-shore digitizers, but our roots are where We specialize in custom designs for senior classes, church groups, civic clubs, car shows, corporate events, school clubs, and more.  Don't waste your money on clipart designs.  Make your event something special with original custom artwork!

Browse the Shacker Scrapbook to see past projects we have done!  There are photos of all sorts of designs as well as snapshots of our team and our clients.  You can also view sample fonts to make your project truly unique!




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