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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do you turn our logo into an embroidery design?
A - We can use a scanned image, graphic file, or even a photograph of your logo to create an embroidery design. With the use of very sophisticated software and the careful eye of a highly trained artist, we can convert almost any image into a beautiful embroidery design.

Q - Do you do tackle twill?
A - Yes! We offer a wide variety of tackle twill options for team uniforms, schools, universities, and other organizations. We do single layer and double layer tackle twill, and we can also design CUSTOM tackle twill using almost any fabric of your choice.

Q - Do you offer VINTAGE tackle twill?
A - Yes! Vintage tackle twill is the combination of laser cut wool or acrylic fabrics with a vintage blanket stitch to provide a truly modern twist on a very classic look. Email us to see more of our samples!

Q - Do you offer ragged applique similar to what the stores at the mall are selling?
A - Yes! One of the things that set The Crackerjack Shack apart from other apparel companies is our ability to create standard corporate logo wear AND our willingness to create designs that are anything BUT ordinary. We welcome the opportunity to create designs that are on the cutting edge of the trends!

Q - Is embroidery more expensive than screen printing?
A - Not always. Although embroidery does tend to have a "higher perceived value," embroidered goods are often the same price and sometimes even less than screen printed items. Submit a request for a quote to see what we can do for you!

Q - How are prices determined for screen printing?
A - Screen printing is an entirely different process from embroidery, so pricing is determined differently. Screen printing prices are based on the garment chosen, artwork required, number of colors, number of print locations (front & back), and quantity of items to be printed.  Click here to submit a request for a quote.

Q - How are prices determined for embroidery?
A - Embroidery pricing is determined by the garment chosen, the quantity of items, difficulty of the chosen stitch location, and the number of stitches in the final stitch-out.

Q - Do you have setup fees?
A - No. One of the things that our loyal customers love is that we use straightforward pricing. When you order garments from us, there are no additional setup fees, no art fees, no digitizing fees - NO ANNOYING FEES!

Q - Are there any exceptions to the "NO ANNOYING FEES" policy?
A - Yes.
1. If your artwork is highly detailed where we must outsource it, additional fees will apply. (These projects are rare).
2. All artwork is free up to the 1st revision. When the 2nd revision is requested (and for each additional revision) a revision fee will apply.
3. If you only want digitizing services, digitizing fees will apply. Click here to submit a request for a quote.

Q - What is your production time?
A - Our standard lead time is 2 weeks, and that time frame begins once we have the following information: garment style, sizes, quantities, final approval (on artwork, quantities, & invoice), & PAYMENT IN FULL.  Please note that our lead time does not begin until ALL of these criteria are met & payment is submitted in full.

Q - Can we get our garments faster?
A - We operate according to a production schedule based on when orders are received - basically first come, first served. However, we do offer after hours RUSH services for a fee. Contact The Crackerjack Shack at 417-751-9511 to see if we can meet your deadline.

Q - Can I choose my own inks and threads?
A - Yes! Come look at our samples at our convenient location in Republic, MO - behind the AT&T store - 1252 US Highway 60 East, Republic, MO 65738.  Although we always recommend choosing your inks and threads in person, you can email us for color charts and thread charts.

Q - Can you design something for me if I don't have an idea?
A - Yes! Our artists are very skilled and are up to date on the current trends. Although we are happy to use your jpg, psd, ai, and vector graphic files, it is always a good idea to give the artists a certain amount of creative liberty.  At The Crackerjack Shack, art is handled two ways:  If you have an idea for the theme and can tell us the colors you want and the fonts you want, there is no charge for your first proof or the first revision.  If you do not have a theme or an idea, you can have our artist create something totally unique and pay by the hour for artwork. Click here to submit a request for a quote.

Q - Can you print over zippers, on pockets, or in other uncommon locations?
A - Yes! We not only provide traditional screen printing, we also print on beanies, on the hip, on the hood, over seams....lots of options available so just ask!

Q - Can we order blank garments?
A - Yes! We offer garments from all major vendors and manufacturers.

Q - What if we want our design printed/stitched on different colors of shirts or different items entirely?
A - Not a problem! Your pricing is based on the total number of pieces. As long as the design is the same, we can print and stitch on almost anything you want!

Q - Can I get a sample of our design?
A - Yes and no. We would be happy to order a sample of the blank garment you are interested in. We are also happy to provide an embroidered stitch-out on a sample piece of fabric. Samples of screen printed items, however, are very costly to produce and can only be provided in quantities of 24 at a time at the 24 piece price. We ALWAYS provide virtual proofs of all artwork, though, and most of our customers can make production decisions based on these proofs.

Q - What is the minimum number of garments we can purchase?
A - 24 is the Magic Number!  For Screen Printing, we have a 24 piece minimum - even on reorders!  For embroidery, there is a one-time digitizing fee but no minimum.  After the initial order, there is NO MINIMUM on embroidered garments.

Q - Do you offer Pantone color matching?
A - Yes! We can match threads to your Pantone colors for free. Matching ink colors to Pantone colors requires precise mixing, and a fee will apply per color. Click here to submit a request for a quote.

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