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Spirit Stores

Are you tired of organizing t-shirt and fan wear sales for your team or club?  At the Crackerjack Shack, we make outfitting your fans so easy! If you open a Spirit Store with us, there will be no need for you to design flyers, collect order data, create spreadsheets, tabulate master lists, collect money, distribute orders, or any of the other hassles that go along with spirit wear sales. So, don’t go it alone, let the experts at The Crackerjack Shack take the stress of spirit wear sales off your shoulders so you can invest more of your time with your team or club. 

Spirit stores flyer at The Crackerjack Shack

How Does It Work?

Setting up spirit stores with The Crackerjack Shack is easy. It can all be done in three simple steps. These steps include:


Meet with a member of the Crackerjack team to choose your garments and set the dates for your sale. We will work with you to make sure your spirit wear accurately represents your team or club as well as the message you want to get across.



Let us take the reins and build a store for your fan wear. Once completed, we will send you a link to your Spirit Store so you can look it over and approve it.  Once it is approved, we will work together through email and social media to blast the link to everyone in your organization.



We open the store for the specified amount of time and your fans buy their favorite spirit wear. They pay via our secure portal and choose their own delivery options.  You can also choose to have all of the orders delivered to you to distribute at your discretion.


Can We Use Spirit Stores As a Fundraiser?

The answer is yes! Our Spirit Stores offer a way for you to raise funds for your organization or cause through custom apparel. You will be amazed at how something as simple as a t-shirt can help spread your message and support your cause.

If you would like to open a Spirit Store with the Crackerjack Shack to help raise funds for your organization or cause, contact us today! We can discuss pricing strategies that will help you use your Spirit Store as a fundraiser for your organization. The process is the same, except at the end of the sale, you receive a check for the money your group raised during your Spirit Store campaign. It’s as simple as that.

Contact Crackerjack Shack today to Open Your Spirit Store

Whether you wanting to outfit your fans for your next event or you are wanting to raise funds to support your charitable cause, The Crackerjack Shack is here to help. If you are interested in opening a Spirit Store with The Crackerjack Shack, contact us today at 417-751-9511. We would be honored to help support your team or organization!


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