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Logo Wear

165+ Years Combined Experience in Decorated Apparel - You've Come to the Right Place


When it comes to your brand and your business image, there's nothing that says quality like polished, professional logo wear.  We have focused our attention on providing top brands and exceptional screen printing and embroidery so your logo always looks sharp!  How do we continue providing this top quality service year after year?  

  1. Buying Power - We develop relationships with the most sought-after brands in the apparel business.  
  2. Guaranteed Due Dates - We use sophisticated production management software that carefully calculates how long your project will take from start to finish.  This helps us guarantee our promised delivery date.
  3. Education - We have a commitment to educating our employees on the latest in decorating techniques.  This keeps us at the top of our game!

With over 165+ years combined experience in the decorated apparel industry, we are the apparel leader in Southwest Missouri.  No one has our experience, our proven record of excellence or our state-of-the-art production process.  We have won local, national, and international awards for screen printing, embroidery, and business leadership.  It's your image we are working with, and we take that very seriously.  There are a lot of decorators out there, so when you put your trust in us, we want you to be assured that you're in the very best of hands.



We Partner With You - We work consistently with business owners, managers, marketing professionals, and human resource professionals - and the comment we hear the most is how refreshing it is to work with a company that just takes the ball and runs!  As a busy professional, you need the ability to simply call a company, give them the run-down on what you're looking for, and then trust them to fill that need for you - on time and on budget! That's exactly what we do.


You Can Lean On Our Expertise - When you team up with us, you tap into our expertise in researching that perfect lineup of apparel for your company's team.  You capitalize on the thousands of products we see every day, so we can advise you on which products work as an advertising piece, and which ones don't.  Sure, you can shop online for some of these things, but when you have the confidence our other customers have built with us over the past decade, you can send that project over to us and trust that we will come through for you each and every time.


We Do The Work For You - Let's face it.  As a professional, you have other things to do than track down that perfect polo or surf the internet looking for that pen to give away at your next trade show.  Let us do that for you! Working with us gives you an edge because you have our entire team dedicated to one purpose - making your brand shine!



One of the biggest challenges our professional customers share with us is that purchasing apparel and promotional items is a burden for them.  It falls under their umbrella as far as their what their job entails, but it's a responsibility they usually dread.  For some business owners, it's also a budget hog when they try to predict how many of each size they will need to order, and then wind up sitting with dead inventory on all of those XSmalls they now can't seem to get rid of.  Choosing what to buy, what to put on it, how many to buy, what sizes to get, when to get them, etc. all become a big part of what keeps you from spending time taking care of your bigger responsibilities.

NO MORE!  With our Spirit Stores for Business, we take the burden of company apparel and accessories off your plate!  We develop an exclusive store for you and your company and move your apparel and accessories out of your office and to an online store.  When your newly hired employees start, you simply give them a link to your store, they make the purchase directly from us, and that's it!

We also customize your store to fit the needs of your business.  If you prefer a weekly pickup as opposed to employees picking up their own order, we can arrange it.  If you have an internal shuttle between the various locations of your business, we can arrange delivery to your shuttle.  Our goal is to make your apparel purchasing easy and hassle-free!  Here are just a few of our clients who have taken advantage of our online Spirit Stores for Business:

Meek's - All Locations

Old Missouri Bank - All Locations

Everything Kitchens



We have been called the company that "does business like your grandma does," but it's not because we use old fashioned decorating techniques.  Quite the contrary!  We have been called that because of our respectful attention to you, our customer, and because as a business we operate within our means.  We plan to be around a very long time, and in order to do that, we have to earn your trust over a long period of time, and we have to honor our employees so they fall in love with the company and are given the opportunity and the education to become very good at what they do.

The bottom line is that we put people first.  When you pick up your order and open that box, whether it be dress shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweatpants, coffee mugs, notepads, or your favorite lip balm bearing your logo, expect to have a glimmer in your eye and a smile on your face knowing you trusted your brand to the best in the business.

There's no need to shop around when you have that kind of confidence.  Call us at 417-751-9511 or contact us about your upcoming screen printingembroidery, or promotional product project.