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About Us

The Crackerjack Shack, LLC

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Meet Our Talented Staff 

Sandy Higgins - 2015 Springfield Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Nominee


I'm Sandy Higgins, Owner and CEO of The Crackerjack Shack, LLC.  I am so excited to introduce our company to you!  I am a Springfield native and graduate of Central High School and Missouri State University. I taught high school English for 10 years while running 2 businesses. (Yes, I could appropriately be described as a worker bee!) After those 10 years, I quit work to become a stay-at-home mom. Once our daughter started school, I started The Crackerjack Shack in the basement of our home - beginning with high-end children's boutique clothing and eventually transitioning into the logo-wear we do today. Boy, how we have changed and grown since those early days!

We may have grown out of our basement operation, but our philosophy is still the same - deliver quality garments ON TIME, EVERY TIME...and make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our family of customers!  We really do consider our customers to be part of our family, and we so appreciate the business they bring our way. If you would like to discuss your upcoming project with our talented staff, please call our store at 417-751-9511 ext. 1 or email info@crackerjackshack.com.  Our goal is to deliver such a fantastic apparel experience, you'll be eager to tell your friends!  Come on inside The Shack, where you'll always be treated like one of the family!


Garrick Hayes - Director of Operations



Garrick Hayes comes to our company with over 30 years experience in the graphic printing business.  He is the man in charge at our Republic facility where all of our apparel is processed and decorated.  He has an extremely demanding job overseeing all operations of a busy, deadline-driven apparel store, but he handles that challenge with persistence, intelligence, and a little splash of humor!  Garrick's vast knowledge of the industry helps us ensure that our staff is thoroughly trained, and that our commitment to quality and excellence is always maintained.  Garrick is also an accomplished graphic artist, so his eye for great composition is tough to beat!  You can be confident in the product we are producing for you with Garrick overseeing all aspects of our shop!

During his time off, you will probably find him biking the trails in the southwest Missouri area, as he is an avid cyclist!


Jeremy Lux - Outside Sales & Marketing


There's no task too daunting for this up-and-coming super star!  Jeremy keeps his feet on the ground, but has a charming way of keeping his goals and dreams right in the bullseye of his focus.  He is attentive to his customers, and he is a man of his word - someone you can depend on.  He knows and understands that customers want nothing to do with the slick, fast-talking salesmen of the past.  He's professional, but truly authentic.  You can always depend on Jeremy to go the extra mile, stay that extra hour past closing time if needed, or race to deliver your rush order so you have everything right on time!  He's a Crackerjack gem you're going to love getting to know!

When Jeremy is away from The Shack, you'll either find him doing some pretty nifty tricks on his bike, spending time with his family, or at one of the trendy restaurants or events with the "jet-set" crowd in Springfield.


Jesse Nickles - Graphic Artist


Jesse is a quiet force in the art department at The Crackerjack Shack.  He not only has the graphic skills and experience to make your project stand out, he is also an accomplished hand artist!  Prior to coming to The Shack, he has worked on graphics projects with such prestigious organizations as Nickelodeon, Disney, Duck Dynasty, and more!

When he's not at work, you might find him at any of the gazillion local restaurants in the Springfield area, as he is a bit of a foodie.  Of course, there's nothing like spending time with his lovely family!


Dawn Mulbery - Embroidery Production



This is Dawn, our eagle-eye in the embroidery department.  We affectionately have nick-named her "Roz" from the Disney movie Monster's Inc. because she is SO VERY GOOD with "the paperwork." Her accuracy is unsurpassed, and her eye for detail is amazing! Dawn and Cheryl share lead embroidery responsibilities, and what an amazing team those ladies make!  She has been with The Crackerjack Shack since 2010, so she understands the apparel decoration business and she understands the importance of getting things right the first time!

When Dawn is not at work, she is in full-on MOM mode!  She has 2 very musically talented kids - one on the piano and one on the trombone....and you might also catch her in the bleachers at her trombone-playing son's baseball games!


Cheryl Shores - Embroidery Production



Cheryl was an accomplished volleyball coach (one of the most decorated in the state of Missouri!) and PE teacher prior to her years at The Crackerjack Shack, but boring retirement was no good for this go-getter!  She came out of retirement to assume responsibilities as one of the lead embroidery techs at The Shack in Ash Grove.  She has a sewing background, so there's no doubt that she knows what she's doing with your polos, dress shirts, and jackets!  Plus, as a marathon runner, she's got more endurance than just about all of us!  You can count on her sticking to it until the job is done!

Outside of The Shack you'll find Cheryl running, running, running....and also with her family, including her special-needs son who is always by her side cheering her on to victory!


Taylor Hollis - Screen Printing & Embroidery Production


At the tender age of 15, Taylor was the first employee at The Crackerjack Shack and continues to work part-time in Production. She is one of the most responsible young women you'll ever have the privilege to meet, and when you see her dedication to her job at such a young age, it restores your hope for our younger generation. She is involved in 4-H, FFA, and all things farming, and is currently working on her first college degree, majoring in psychology. She is also one of the few recipients of the American FFA Degree!  No doubt about it, this little cowgirl is a keeper!

In her off time, as expected, Taylor is a full-fledged cowgirl....and we mean....COW girl!  She spends her time at her barn, at cow shows, and around all things farming.  This is a true all-american midwestern girl!


Not Pictured

Pam Console - Shipping, Receiving, and Production Assistant

Ron Rupe - Press Operator

Tanner Grant - Press Operator & Web Guru

Kim Jones - Purchasing & Corporate Accounts Manager

Ann Tiller - Springfield Project Manager

Emily Humphreys - Production Assistant



Where We Started

The Crackerjack Shack started in 2007 as a cottage industry serving those discriminating clients looking for high-end, highly customized boutique clothing for children. With 20+ years experience in garment design and construction, we earned the trust of our clients by maintaining the highest standards for quality and originality.

After a few years success in the boutique business, we were referred to a local business where we were asked to digitize a corporate logo and provide dress shirts for an event they were having. Upon delivery, this customer was impressed enough with our product and timely delivery that he referred us to his business associates. Before long, the word spread, and custom embroidery and screen printing became the mainstay of our business.

Although we reminisce about those early days when we worked from our home, we are very proud to have grown into the full service commercial apparel company we are today - but our philosophy is still the same - provide quality products and get them to the customer on time - without annoying fees!

Where We Are Now

Currently, we offer all aspects of embroidery, screen printing, and promotional products where we can customize your artwork in-house and produce up to 1,000+ pieces per day. If you don't have an idea already in mind, no worries! We can help you develop an idea and then customize it to suit your project.

We also have added custom rhinestone designs, too!

If you are in the market for decorated apparel, and you're tired of paying ridiculous added fees and waiting too long for jobs to be completed, call us at 417-751-9511 or click here to request a screen printing quote or here to request an embroidery quote.

Have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or email us directly. We encourage you to also take a look at our past embroidery and screen printing projects.  Just click DESIGNS on the navigation bar at the top of the page and browse our gallery.

We have made it our objective to address and correct the issues you have had with your past apparel providers. We seek to earn your loyalty through great communication, straightforward pricing, and ON TIME delivery - every single time!

If you are in the Springfield or Southwest Missouri area, we encourage you to come by our shop in the Ash Grove Sho-Me Center to discuss your next project. If you are outside of Springfield, MO, feel free to CONTACT US through our site to get your project going. We look forward to working with you!



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