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The Crackerjack Shack takes THIRD PLACE in the manual screen printing division of the prestigious impressions international screen printing competition

Meet Our Talented Staff

Sandy Higgins



Owner & CEO

I'm Sandy Higgins, Owner and CEO of The Crackerjack Shack, LLC. I am so excited to introduce our company to you! I am a Springfield native and graduate of Central High School and Missouri State University. I taught high school English for 10 years while running 2 businesses. (Yes, I could appropriately be described as a worker bee!) After those 10 years, I quit work to become a stay-at-home mom. Once our daughter started school, I started The Crackerjack Shack in the basement of our home - beginning with high-end children's boutique clothing and eventually transitioning into the logo-wear we do today. Boy, how we have changed and grown since those early days! Since our first year in 2007, I've been nominated for the Edward Jones Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award, we have been ranked in the top 1% of women-owned businesses in our industry, we have been ranked in the top 2% of women-owned businesses in the world, we have been featured in Forbes magazine, Wearables magazine, Printwear magazine, and many other prestigious publications. I'll admit, the awards are nice for a fleeting moment, but the nicest thing is being able to credit our wonderful staff with all of those accomplishments! At the end of it all, it takes people who are willing to put their own needs aside and work together as a team for a common goal. I'm so proud of our little Shack and all of the Shackers who make coming to work every day an absolute joy!

Christina Terry



Customer Service & Project Management

If you ever wonder who that bubbly little voice is on the other end of the Crackerjack line, it's probably this little firecracker! Christina is young, energetic, and eager to please! And don't let her small stature fool you - there's a tiger inside there ready to tackle even the most daunting projects! She is poised, organized, and she has her life's goals right in sight. She is attentive to her clients, and she is one of the rising stars in the professional decorated apparel arena. You can always depend on Christina to go the extra mile, stay that extra hour past closing time if needed, or race to deliver your rush order so you have everything right on time! She's a Shacker you're going to love getting to know! 

Jennifer Smith



Customer Service & Project Management

Jennifer is the newest Shacker on our team, but her experience and willing spirit are bound to take her to the top! She is organized, outgoing, and when it comes to putting people first, it doesn't take very long to know that when you are with her, she will make sure you know that you are the most important person in the room. This mom has lots of responsibilities at home and at work, and she handles it all with grace and a smile! When you come into The Shack, you'll see why it's easy to become friends with this smiling face!

Jesse Nickles



Graphic Artist


Jesse is a quiet force in the art department at The Crackerjack Shack. He not only has the graphic skills and experience to make your project stand out, he is also an accomplished hand artist! Prior to coming to The Shack, he has worked on graphics projects with such prestigious organizations as Nickelodeon, Disney, Duck Dynasty, and more! When he's not at work, you might find him at any of the gazillion local restaurants in the Springfield area, as he is a bit of a foodie. Of course, there's nothing like spending time with his lovely family!

Colten Cummins



Accounting & Purchasing

When it comes to crunching the numbers and keeping The Shack on the straight and narrow with the bank and our vendors, we couldn't have been more blessed than to have snagged this high-achieving wonder boy! From invoicing, to reconciling, to purchasing, to collecting, he is always up to the challenge! He not only has a knack for the numbers, though, he's also a strong man of faith, and he is quite a talented musician! Although he takes his job very seriously, he's always quick with a smile and is eager help his fellow Shackers with everything from folding shirts in production to assisting clients at the front door.

Cheryl Shores



Embroidery Production

Cheryl was an accomplished volleyball coach (one of the most decorated in the state of Missouri!) and PE teacher prior to her years at The Crackerjack Shack, but boring retirement was no good for this go-getter! She came out of retirement to assume responsibilities as one of the lead embroidery techs at The Shack in Ash Grove. She has a sewing background, so there's no doubt that she knows what she's doing with your polos, dress shirts, and jackets! Plus, as a marathon runner, she's got more endurance than just about all of us! You can count on her sticking to it until the job is done!

Garrick Hayes



Director of Operations

Garrick Hayes comes to our company with over 30 years experience in the graphic printing business. He is the man in charge at our Republic facility where all of our apparel is processed and decorated. He has an extremely demanding job overseeing all operations of a busy, deadline-driven apparel store, but he handles that challenge with persistence, intelligence, and a little splash of humor! Garrick's vast knowledge of the industry helps us ensure that our staff is thoroughly trained, and that our commitment to quality and excellence is always maintained. Garrick is also an accomplished graphic artist, so his eye for great composition is tough to beat! You can be confident in the product we are producing for you with Garrick overseeing all aspects of our shop!

Sabrina Lamb



Sales & Marketing

Sabrina is one of those special gems you meet just a few times in your life. We met just when our company was getting off the ground, and even though we wanted her on our team, the pieces just didn't fall into place - until now - when the timing was PERFECT! We are so excited to announce that this sales and marketing veteran is a Shacker! She's smart, she's amazingly helpful, she's a fantastic asset to help with your marketing ideas, and most importantly, she's authentic and real - no salesy mumbo-jumbo here! If you're looking for someone who will go the extra mile and value your business as much as you do, Sabrina is your ace! In fact, after just a week on staff here at The Shack, one of Sabrina's co-workers said, "I think Sabrina could go just about anywhere and make friends with just about anyone - she's THAT nice!" We know you're going to love working with her!

Ron Rupe



Screen Printing

When it comes to operating our THREE presses and keeping everything looking sharp, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in the Southwest Missouri area that is better than this guy! He takes pride in his work, and is always striving to get better and better. He is meticulous with his production instructions, making sure all areas of a customer's needs are being met, all while singing a few honky-tonk tunes while he prints! He's got the right mix of seriousness, charm, and wit that makes our print department second to none!

Savana Smith



Screen Printing

We love it when we find a young person with heart, drive, compassion, work ethic, and a sparkling personality to go with it, and that's just what this little spark plug is! What started as a short-term summer job, has turned into a gig that we may beg Savana to keep through all of her college years. She takes on the most thankless jobs with a smile, and she's always ready with a joke or a laugh just when you need it. But what makes this one special is her heart! She volunteers during her off time, and she is also a strong girl of faith who knows what she wants out of life!

Julia Higgins



Screen Printing

Hmmm...this little lady has the same last name as the owner. Yep! You guessed it! There's nothing like working in a hot screen printing shop and answering to your mom! Haha! Julia started folding shirts and cleaning around the shop when she was just a kid, but when the car came along, it was time to get serious about earning some money and planning for the future, so where did this daughter-of-the-owner start? At the top? No way! Her mom is a member of the "Old Guard" so she started in the reclaim room, stripping screens and prepping them for new designs - probably the grungiest job in the entire operation - but not once did she complain! She knew it paid well, it was a steady gig, and that she ranked no higher than any other member of the team, so she gladly took the job with a smile. Although she still reclaims screens from time to time, she now assists in Accounts Payables, she works on social media campaigns, and she lends a hand anywhere that's needed around the shop!




Mascot & Free Kiss Giver

Here's the thing. There is nothing like having a face-licking, ball-fetching, tail-wagging, spirit-lifting company mascot like ours! Peanut is our STAR! He is a one-of-a-kind shop dog that all Shackers have come to adore! He will greet you at the front door, and won't leave your side until you walk out that door. There's no way you can leave with a frown when you stop in and spend even just a few seconds with him! You can't really call yourself a Shacker if you don't follow him and his shenanigans on our company Facebook page, so head on over there and give that page a Like! www.facebook.com/gototheshack Then make your way into the shop and snuggle up to the cutest little company mascot in the decorated apparel business!

Where We Started

The Crackerjack Shack started in 2007 as a cottage industry serving those discriminating clients looking for high-end, highly customized boutique clothing for children. With 20+ years experience in garment design and construction, we earned the trust of our clients by maintaining the highest standards for quality and originality.

After a few years success in the boutique business, we were referred to a local business where we were asked to digitize a corporate logo and provide dress shirts for an event they were having. Upon delivery, this customer was impressed enough with our product and timely delivery that he referred us to his business associates. Before long, the word spread, and custom embroidery and screen printing became the mainstay of our business.

Although we reminisce about those early days when we worked from our home, we are very proud to have grown into the full service commercial apparel company we are today - but our philosophy is still the same - provide quality products and get them to the customer on time - without annoying fees!

Where We Are Now

Currently, we offer all aspects of embroidery, screen printing, and promotional products where we can customize your artwork in-house and produce up to 1,000+ pieces per day. If you don't have an idea already in mind, no worries! We can help you develop an idea and then customize it to suit your project.

We also have added custom rhinestone designs, too!

If you are in the market for decorated apparel, and you're tired of paying ridiculous added fees and waiting too long for jobs to be completed, call us at 417-751-9511 or click here to request a screen printing quote or here to request an embroidery quote.

Have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or email us directly. We encourage you to also take a look at our past embroidery and screen printing projects. Just click DESIGNS on the navigation bar at the top of the page and browse our gallery.

We have made it our objective to address and correct the issues you have had with your past apparel providers. We seek to earn your loyalty through great communication, straightforward pricing, and ON TIME delivery - every single time!

If you are in the Springfield or Southwest Missouri area, we encourage you to come by our shop in Springfield or in Republic to discuss your next project. If you are outside of Springfield, MO, feel free to CONTACT US through our site to get your project going. We look forward to working with you!

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