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An Update on The Sheer Awesomeness of The Crackerjack Shack

Some really cool stuff has been happening at The Crackerjack Shack in recent weeks. For instance...Featured in SBJ Business SpotlightIf you have read the Springfield Business Journal recently, you might have noticed a nicely penned article by Eric Olson, in the Business Spotlight entitled “Sew Local”, featuring Sandy and the story behind The Crackerjack Shack.Sandy, and [...]

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The Anatomy of A Tee – The Simply Awesome Triblend Tee

Ahhh… the beautiful, luxurious, tri-blend tee. It’s definitely a favorite of the staff here at The Crackerjack Shack. What exactly are tri-blend shirts?Tri-blends, like the Next Level 6010, for instance, are a blend of cotton, polyester and, to give them that soft fluid drape, they add in rayon, which is often referred to as viscose. Or, if you believe [...]

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The Anatomy of A Tee – Let’s Talk 50/50 Blends

Another popular choice among customers when choosing shirts for screen printing at The Crackerjack Shack are the 50/50 cotton/polyester tees.What are the Benefits of “Blended” Shirts?Remember, how the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup came about?“Hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate!”“Well, YOU got chocolate in my peanut butter.”Thus, was born a great combination. It’s the same with the 50/50 polyester [...]

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The Anatomy of A Tee - Beginning With 100% Cotton

Here, at The Crackerjack Shack, customers come in looking for tees that will serve a variety of purposes.During the Spring and Fall athletic seasons, for instance, we’re most likely to see any number of customers looking for a “basic” tee for their ball team. Something that is inexpensive, breathable, comfortable, yet sturdy enough to hold up well under [...]

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The Anatomy of The Perfect Tee - The Series

One of the first things that Sandy taught me when I started working at The Crackerjack Shack, was that there is a “good, better and best” option when helping to find customers the right product for their needs.Some customers are looking for promotional tees to give away, while others are looking for an economical way to clothe their [...]

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Have YOU signed up for the 2nd Annual Liv’s Run for Life yet?

Seriously… what are you waiting for?One of the really cool things about being The Crackerjack Shack, is that we get to be involved with all types of very worthwhile causes. For instance, coming up on April 23, is the 2nd Annual Liv’s Run for Life 5K Run/Walk being held at the Republic Aquatic Center.First, it’s going to be [...]

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Get into the winning spirit with Crackerjack Shack’s Spirit Store!

It ‘tis the season for baseball, softball, soccer and other outdoor sports.That means it’s time to purchase team uniforms, jerseys, caps and fan wear. Coaches… you know the drill.First you need to distribute flyers to let all the parents know who to contact to buy their uniforms. You round up their orders, create a process to organize and help [...]

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Create Lasting Impressions with Your Advertising Dollars

We, at The Crackerjack Shack, aren’t here just to put shirts on your back. We’re also here to put hats on your head, pens in your hands, and money in your pocket. That’s right! The Crackerjack Shack can get you lined up with the right promotional items that will help you get the most bang for your advertising dollar.Back [...]

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Here, at The Crackerjack Shack, we’re praying for “Naked Day”

Naked Day? What in the world…?I know. I know. I’m Ann Tiller, the new project manager at The Crackerjack Shack’s Republic location. And, being relatively new to the world of embroidery and screen printing, I was wondering the same thing when at a recent staff meeting, Sandy, our beloved leader, told us to pray for “Naked Day?”Uh, [...]

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The Crackerjack Shack has made it to Forbes!

Our girl, Sandy, has taken The Crackerjack Shack to the pages of the Forbes website!The Story Exchange, which focuses on female entrepreneurs, elected to highlight Sandy’s success story.Check out the story on the Forbes website, Small Business Owner Sandy Higgins' Old-Fashioned Methods Yield Modern-Day Success.As the relatively new project manager here at the Republic store, I’m so excited to work [...]

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