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Crackerjack Shack Apparel for Charitable Groups


Crackerjack Shack Helps to Support Your Cause

When you need to stir up support for your cause, Crackerjack Shack has your back. Our custom screen printing and custom embroidery tailored to your design are a great way not only to show support but to garner interest for whatever cause or charitable event you may be representing. The sharp and attention-grabbing design you provide us, paired with our high-quality screen printing and embroidery design techniques are sure to attract the eyes of people around you. Let everyone around know what a great cause they could contribute to by wearing a shirt designed specifically for your charitable group or event.

On this page, you’ll find a list of charitable groups who’ve trusted our team at the Crackerjack Shack with their designs. Check them out and let us know what you’d like for your apparel. Our screen printing and custom embroidery can accommodate a variety of image styles, so contact us and let us know how we can help with your next charitable event.

What can Crackerjack Shack Do for Your Charitable Group?

Maybe you want to draw attention to a little-known issue, or you’ll be participating in a charity run and you want others to hear about it and maybe even sign up. Or, you want to raise money for a down-and-out family who needs care for their ailing young one. Whatever the case, you need a way to get the word out, and that’s what Crackerjack Shack can offer. T-shirts are one of the simplest (and most comfortable) ways to let people know what you care about wherever you go. And who knows? Maybe you’ll land another donor or two on your next trip to the store.

Spirit Stores for Fundraising

One of the things that really sets Crackerjack Shack apart from the rest is the option to open what we call a “spirit store.” Spirit stores save you the hassle of surveying every participant or group member for their shirt size and their cash. When you set up a spirit store with Crackerjack Shack, you simply meet with one of our representatives to decide what apparel you’d like to sell, let us build the online store, then send the link to everyone who might want to buy! For your charitable event, just let us know that you are using the store for fundraising, and we’ll work with you to set an appropriate price structure. When the online shop closes, your organization will receive the money raised! It’s that easy.

Make Crackerjack Shack a Part of Your Next Charity Event

We’re excited to take on new projects and work with new customers. If you’re hosting a charity event or you want some new shirts for your charitable group, contact us. We’re happy to support a good cause!

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