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Choosing a Font for Your Custom Embroidery or Screen Printing Job


Font Choices for Your Custom Embroidery Project

Designer creates different typefaces for custom embroidery

One of the most important aspects of getting a custom embroidery or screen printing job is choosing the right font. Fonts are all around us, on the websites we visit, the advertisements we see, and the products we buy, but most of us don’t give fonts a second thought. When it comes to deciding on a font for your custom embroidery or screen printing job, the possibilities can seem overwhelming. To help you make a decision, we’ve provided a basic overview of typography.


Serifs are little lines at the end of a letter. Think of them as feet or tails. Serif fonts are some of the oldest kinds of fonts, dating back to the days of the printing press. The most common example is Times New Roman. For custom embroidery or screen printing projects, these fonts are well suited for professional and academic associations because of their established, dignified appearance. Crackerjack Shack offers several serif fonts including Bodini MT, Bookman Old Style, and Baskerville Old Face.


Sans-serif fonts are just the opposite of serif fonts, literally translating to “without serifs.” Sans-serifs have a modern, clean appearance. In fact, studies show that sans-serifs are easiest to read on screen, which is why they are often used in web design. For custom embroidery and screen printing projects, sans-serif fonts give your design a sharp, bold look, and are well suited for just about anything: corporate apparel, student clubs, and sports teams. At Crackerjack Shack, we offer several sans-serifs for our designs including Arial and Britannic Bold.


Script fonts are fonts designed to mimic handwriting. Often, these fonts have a cursive look to them. Script fonts have a bad reputation for not being very legible, which is why you don’t often find them in print, but for custom embroidery and screen printing projects, script fonts have many practical purposes. For example, many companies use script fonts to embroider their employees’ names on their uniforms. In screen printing, script fonts are often used in t-shirts that commemorate formal events, like school dances. Depending on the occasion, a script font can be an excellent choice. At Crackerjack Shack, we offer Amaze, Baroque Script, BlackJack Regular, and several more.


“Decorative” is kind of a blanket term for a lot of different, unique fonts that don’t quite fit the mold of the other categories. Out of the fonts we’ve discussed, decorative fonts are certainly the most fun and festive. Using a decorative font in your custom embroidery or screen printing job will certainly make a bold statement. At Crackerjack Shack, we offer several decorative fonts including BarbedWire, Broadway, CandyTime, and Burrito Regular.

Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing at Crackerjack Shack

If you are interested in custom embroidery or screen printing, contact Crackerjack Shack today! A member of our team will gladly assist you and give you a quote for your job. If you are unsure of what font to use, don’t worry, we can help.

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