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Blog - Shack Attack

Caption This Photo!! Win a Free Tee


Announcer: "Hello... we're here at The Shack, where a Great White shark has just eaten our store mannequin!!

"Well, Mr. Jaws, you grabbed that mannequin, but you missed that "Shack Attack" Tee!"

QUICK!! Before Mr. Jaws returns, write a caption for this photo and YOU could win one of our coveted "Shack Attack" tees for YOURSELF and THREE of your friends!

HURRY! Get your entry in by Friday, August 26. That's when our select team of highly-trained "SHACK" experts, will choose the caption they feel is the coolest, most original piece of prose they've seen among the entries.  

We'll post the name of the lucky winner on Monday, August 29!!

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