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WINNER! The Crackerjack Shack Takes Second In International Screen Printing Competition

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We are proud to announce that Impressions Magazine, an industry publication and an authority on decorated apparel, has revealed its 2018 winners for its annual "Impressions Awards."

The Crackerjack Shack, LLC (located in Republic, Missouri) has been awarded Second Place in the True Process Color Screen Printing Division for a design called "Clove Hitch" produced for a Springfield favorite restaurant, Springfield Brewing Company.

This competition includes a combination of 15 divisions for screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, sublimation, and heat applied graphics. Winners were selected by judges regarded as the top professionals in the decorated apparel industry. Submissions literally came from companies located all over the world.

Winners were selected from as far away as Istanbul, India, Yorkshire, California, and New York. The Crackerjack Shack was the only Missouri company to be honored and one of only two midwestern companies.  Later this year, we will get to see all of the winning designs when the full magazine gets published, but we found out today that HOT DOG we won!!

To find out more about this competition and this award, go to https://www.impressionsmagazine.com/news/industry/impressions-awards-2018-winners-announced/

If you're looking for an award-winning printer that will take great care of your brand - come on over to The Shack!

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