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Why We're a Big Deal

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Each year, Impressions Magazine hosts the industry's most prestigious decorated apparel competition.  Entries from around the globe come in and are scrutinized by the most critical judges with decades of printing and embroidery experience.  The Crackerjack Shack has won 2 third place awards in this competition, but in late 2019, we finally WON IT ALL!  We took first place in the coveted "Manual Textile Screen Printing" category.  Not only were we up against companies from the local area, but we were up against companies from the Midwest, from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Croatia, India, Brazil, and other countries throughout the world.  This is truly a global competition...and your hometown printer, right here in Republic, Missouri, took first place!

We're so proud of our team!  Every day, they set the bar high and meet quality standards that far exceed their competitors...and now we have the hardware to prove it!  Great job, team!

2020's competition was cancelled due to Covid, but we're already gearing up for our 2021 contest entries!  Let's bring home another first so we'll have a matching set - how 'bout it?

WINNER! The Crackerjack Shack Takes Second In International Screen Printing Competition

We are proud to announce that Impressions Magazine, an industry publication and an authority on decorated apparel, has revealed its 2018 winners for its annual "Impressions Awards."The Crackerjack Shack, LLC (located in Republic, Missouri) has been awarded Second Place in the True Process Color Screen Printing Division for a design called "Clove Hitch" produced for [...]

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An Update on The Sheer Awesomeness of The Crackerjack Shack

Some really cool stuff has been happening at The Crackerjack Shack in recent weeks. For instance...Featured in SBJ Business SpotlightIf you have read the Springfield Business Journal recently, you might have noticed a nicely penned article by Eric Olson, in the Business Spotlight entitled “Sew Local”, featuring Sandy and the story behind The Crackerjack Shack.Sandy, and [...]

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Get into the winning spirit with Crackerjack Shack’s Spirit Store!

It ‘tis the season for baseball, softball, soccer and other outdoor sports.That means it’s time to purchase team uniforms, jerseys, caps and fan wear. Coaches… you know the drill.First you need to distribute flyers to let all the parents know who to contact to buy their uniforms. You round up their orders, create a process to organize and help [...]

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Here, at The Crackerjack Shack, we’re praying for “Naked Day”

Naked Day? What in the world…?I know. I know. I’m Ann Tiller, the new project manager at The Crackerjack Shack’s Republic location. And, being relatively new to the world of embroidery and screen printing, I was wondering the same thing when at a recent staff meeting, Sandy, our beloved leader, told us to pray for “Naked Day?”Uh, [...]

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New Hours At The Shack!

Rise and shine, everybody! The Springfield Crackerjack Shack will be kicking off its day a little earlier now! Starting Tuesday, September 8th, after we all make it back from our long Labor Day weekend, the Crackerjack Shack will be open from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday. This is a little shift from our old hours [...]

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The Shack Says Good-Bye to Ash Grove

Wow!  8 years.  It's hard to believe The Crackerjack Shack has been operating out of Ash Grove, Missouri, for over 8 years now!  What started as a cottage business in the spare bedroom of our basement back in 2007, has turned into one of the most successful decorated apparel businesses in southwest Missouri.  Since the beginning, we have [...]

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Happy National Hammock Day!

Good morning, Crackerjack fans! Is the hot, Springfield summer starting to get to you? Do you wish you had a reason to get away for just a little bit, and relax away all your cares and worries? Well then you are in luck, because today is National Hammock Day! This unofficial holiday is celebrated every July 22nd, and honors [...]

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Baseball season has finally arrived and is bringing the heat!

It is finally baseball season! We have the perfect promotional product for all the baseball fans out there!This baseball shaped "chill patch" is 4 inches in diameter and is the perfect item to tote to the ball game on a hot day to cheer on your favorite team! You can get these for as low as $1.20 [...]

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FREE Pi Day T-Shirts | First Come, First Serve!

As you may know, Saturday is International Pi Day! What you may not know, is that the decimal for Pi is 3.141592653. Saturday is a once in a lifetime day! 3/14/15 @ 9:26:53 will be the exact first ten numbers in Pi! At one point throughout that 53rd second, will be the exact decimal of Pi. [...]

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